My name is Sarah Gluschitz. I am a Scientific Illustrator and Artist. Currently I am a fellow and Medical Illustrator at the Biomedical Visualisation Department of St. George's University, Grenada - West Indies. 

I graduated with honours in Scientific Illustration with my master thesis "Corpse in the Copse", which focusses on the taphonomy of the human skeleton in 2D and 3D for archaeological applications and combines my passions for Archaeology, Forensics, Human Anatomy and Illustration. 

The NTR has screened some of the work I have been doing:
Please be cautious as it contains graphic content of decomposing bodies.

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with a world hidden in plain sight. A world underneath our skin, one only visible to a small group of people. As a scientific Illustrator I am fortunate to now be part of that world and help translating it for others. 



Feel free to request a copy of my extensive CV and my master thesis.

If you are looking for illustrations, scientific or otherwise, please contact me via email: