Archived Artwork

When i run (B.A. thesis)

"When I Run" explores physical activity as a tool to conquer creative blocks. The B.A. thesis consults artists, writers and medical research as well as takes a leap into history to fathom and connect our urge to move and create. Concluding that physical activity should be taken into consideration, when encountering a creative block. 

Between the words

"Between the Words" invites you to listen to a dialogue of breathing sculptures. In daily lie breath merely exists in the negative space of speech. Inverting positive and negative space lets breath obtain its own entity, while words become irrelevant. The newly created dialogue shifts the balance of power from words to breath. "Between the Words" is a different and poetic view on how we perceive speech. 


A project about beauty. 

In order to create a direct connection between viewer and artists, own blood has been used to create an altar-like setting. The atmosphere within the room was hot, smelled of candle way and echoed like a church, enhancing the feeling of the viewer.

Blut lamp

This is a follow-up project to "Blut". A lamp made from wood and glass plates filled with the artists blood.

chatty suzanne

A collaboration with Sayo Huen Wong.


Inspired by the concept of a lazy suzanne, we created "Chatty Suzanne" to enhance group work within small groups. We aimed to create a table, that was functional as a single table, could be combined with others for presentations and worked within the concept of group work. The spinning pillar appoints a person on the round table to give and/or receive feedback. 

flood monument

Hamburg is situated in Northern Germany at the river Elbe. Due to its location Hamburg has suffered from dozens of high tides and storm floods over the years. 
Situated at city hall square this monuments would be a tourist attraction as well as a place for locals to enjoy a break and admire city hall and the ever changing tides. The flood monument is a massive glass cylinder surrounded by stairs. It has markings for every high tide and storm flood. The water inside the glass cylinder equals the actual height of the tide, ever changing and creating awareness along the way. 

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