The Human Bone Proteome Before and After Decomposition: Implications for Forensic Research

I collaborated on a cover illustration with Jack Nelson for the Journal of Proteome Research. Illustrating the article 'The Human Bone Proteome Before and After Decomposition: Implications for Forensic Research'. Authored by Hayley Mickleburgh et. al.

The cover art visualises the application of forensic proteomics for postmortem interval and age-at-death estimation. The skeleton is a CGI rendering of one of the donors, and the butterfly symbolises the effects of decomposition outdoors on the body. The call out from the pelvic sampling location shows the significant proteins identified in this study, embedded in the bone matrix, which is likely an important variable in protein recovery. The study revealed variability in bone protein profiles due to time since death, age, and biological differences. Copyright 2021 Jack Nelson and Sarah Gluschitz. Butterfly 3D-model: CC-BY-4.0 Maureen Saverot. Protein structures: CC-BY-4.0. Molecular graphics and analyses performed with UCSF Chimera, developed by the Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics at the University of California, San Francisco, with support from NIH P41-GM103311).

Learning visual appearance for flight control - Cover Illustration Nature Machine Intelligence

The cover illustration for Volume 3, No. 1 Nature machine intelligence Journal for the article 'Learning visual appearance for flight control' by de Croon et al. 
Published in January 2021. Cover design: Lauren Heslop.

Corpse in the Copse - Master Thesis

Human taphonomy and disarticulation of the skeleton in 2D and 3D for archaeological applications. For more images of the 3D models, please visit 3D technologies.
Download a copy of my thesis here

When I Run - Bachelor Thesis

This 12 metres long leporello is the physical embodiment of my Bachelor thesis 'When I Run'. 
Download a copy of my thesis here.

Juliana y Micaela

A story about the life of mother and daughter told in watercolour paintings. (selection of pages)