Learning visual appearance for flight control - Cover Illustration Nature Machine Intelligence

The cover illustration for Volume 3, No. 1 Nature machine intelligence Journal for the article 'Learning visual appearance for flight control' by de Croon et al. 
Published in January 2021. Cover design: Lauren Heslop.

Corpse in the Copse - Master Thesis

Human taphonomy and disarticulation of the skeleton in 2D and 3D for archaeological applications. For more images of the 3D models, please visit 3D technologies.
Download a copy of my thesis here

When I Run - Bachelor Thesis

This 12 metres long leporello is the physical embodiment of my Bachelor thesis 'When I Run'. 
Download a copy of my thesis here.

Juliana y Micaela

A story about the life of mother and daughter told in watercolour paintings. (selection of pages)