Pride & Equality SGU

As the Co-faculty sponsor of our on-campus LGTBQIA+ group, I have helped create a visual identity for the Student Club to increase visibility.

The logo is based off the island of Grenada where the campus is located and a brain signifying the diversity of each individual. 

Because of the multitude of existing rainbow flags, the decision was made to use the 8 colours of the original rainbow flag rather than the wide spread 6 colour flag.

It was important to us to make sure the logo worked well on both light and dark backgrounds as we anticipate printing the logo on club merchandise.

Every Wednesday night Pride & Equality hosts a Family Dinner social. This image is used as an announcement on social media to the weekly gathering.

Grenada Cycling Federation

As a member of the Grenada Cycling Federation I was asked to update our logo. The initial logo was created by another member showing small nutmegs for wheels and the silhouette of actual legs rather than the stylised version you can see on top. 

I've redrawn the nutmegs and made sure to incorporate them into the logo more proportioned.

This is a version of the logo including the name of the federation for print as a letter head on official communications.

Isle Bee Well

Logo for the Grenada based bee product company 'Isle Bee Well'. 
The Bee is based on the map of Grenada flying in front of a Honey comb.