Gluschitz Illustrations

From Tattoos to Scientific Visualization


Variety of educational animations.


Medical and scientific illustrations as well as other subjects in a variety of media.

Graphic Design

Posters and branding, as well as Powerpoint projects for education.


Tattoo designs on people and on paper.

'Thank you for your awesome illustration works. The visual presentation enabled to powerfully deliver our idea in the article. It made the article more vibrant aspect.'

Woong Kee Baek, MD. MBA
Clinical Instructor, SGU

'Thank you so much for a great workshop today - I think you will be getting a lot of requests for help! This is the best attended workshop that I think we've ever had and I could tell from the questions and engagement of participants that it was really useful.'

Tracy Penny Light, PhD.
Professor in Educational Services, SGU

'This is just perfect. Can't thank you enough for this. You have been an amazing help.'

Rohit Gupta, MD.
Instructor in Microbiology, SGU

'Love it.'

Robert Hage, MD.
Professor in Anatomical Sciences, SGU

'This was great fun learning!! Let's keep encouraging our kids!'

Marielena Pirela-Rahaman
Teacher Westmorland School

'Thank you for all your hard work and professionalism Sarah, we at the Emergency Medicine Club appreciate everything you have done for us.'

Matthew Carvey, BSc, EMT-P, FP-C, CCP-C, PNCCT
President of the Emergency Medicine Club, SGU 

'Thank you so much for that presentation Sarah. I think you did a great job and it really was helpful.'

Marta Lanza-Perea, DVM, MSc
Associate Professor in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, SGU

'Beautiful. Fantastic work. 
I like it a lot. Thank you very much'

Marcos Ceilio de Almeida, MD.
Researcher in Genetics and Morphology, SGU

'Thank you for the beautiful drawings. 
They are fully to my liking. 
Thank you very much once more.'

Floris de Kleermaeker
PhD. Student, Maastricht University